Tenuta il Palazzasso has been the dwelling place of counts Galleani d’Agliano since 1510.

Our history
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The Palazzasso estate

The estate lies on the border between the plains and the valleys of Piedmont, like a balcony overlooking the magnificent Grana and Maira Valleys.


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The house

The sixteenth century mansion has been the property of the Count Galleani Agliano family for over 500 years, handed down from generation to generation. The characteristic brick facade is built around arches.

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The Park

The historic park surrounding the house has an impressive collection of rare and ancient plants, including: sycamore, horse-chestnut, yew and a unique hornbeam tunnel. Greenhouses, ancient frescoed outhouses and monuments dot the lawns and hills, providing an array of charming views.

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The agricultural estate

The agricultural estate, which is still at the heart of our company, used to be a small, autonomous village, inhabited by workers, artisans and their families. There was a school, a bakery, a blacksmith and a carpenter, everything that enabled the small community to be self-sufficient.

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The San Maurizio chapel

Since ‘700, the left tower of the building has housed the chapel of Saints Maurizio and Lazzaro. Count Guiseppe d’Agliano’s will shows that a full-service chaplain, resided there in an apartment and celebrated Sunday and daily mass.

Our rooms

Two Suites are available for our guests with the possibility, upon request, of extra beds in their private sitting rooms or in their adjoining rooms

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The Ladies Suite


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