Our history

About Us

Our family has had a strong and special bond with Palazzasso since 1500, enduring centuries of history.
I am Francesca and, after marrying Andrea about 25 years ago, I decided to move here from Torino. We are both deeply devoted to this house, the surrounding area and the local traditions that we believe in. We want to raise our children here, in touch with their family roots and to keep the historical identity of the estate alive and active. Life here reaches its peak in the summer, when the whole family is in residence. When things shut down in the winter months, there is a risk that the building and its contents, that have been carefully looked after over the centuries will slowly deteriorate. That’s where the idea came from to transform a wing of the house into a small, charming bed and breakfast, where we can welcome guests for relaxing escapes in a really unique environment.

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Our roots

Historical documents show that the roots of the Galleani family date back to the beginning of 1200.
Our ancestors were valiant soldiers and seamen who originated from Nice and distinguished themselves in various sectors over the centuries.
In 1492, Raffaele Galleani was the ambassador to the Duchess of Savoia, while his brother Giovanni, according to the Corsaro, was the owner of the Galleana, one of the largest armoured merchant ships in the Mediterranean.
In these years Giuliano, Giovanni’s eldest son, moved to Piedmont. Thus was born the link between the family of the Galleani and the Tenimento of the Palazzasso.
The palace was built at the end of the 400; Born as a summer residence with attached agricultural estate, it was brought in dowry by Angela Aliney of the Counts of Elva to Giuliano II of the 1510 and since then it is passed down from generation to generation in our family.
Enlarged at the beginning of ‘ 700 with the characteristic brick façade, designed by the architect of Casa Savoia Amedeo di Castellamonte, it was over time enriched with remarkable interior decorations and with the creation of a splendid park with English.
The palace has hosted, over the centuries, illustrious ancestors: Among the most representative count Giuseppe Maria II, Viceroy of Sardinia, awarded the highest honor to the Italian merit, the collar of the Annunziata.
He purchased the nearby red spinning machine in 1813, one of the largest and oldest scarf in Europe; The convent of the Capuchins of Caraglio, a unique structure of its kind, completes the family’s property.
Important to mention also San Giovanni Bosco who stayed here during long summer periods, in the room reserved to him and even today dedicated to him. He was the spiritual father of Count Pio who, thanks to this link, became one of the most important benefactors of the Salesian works. In witness to the close relationship between the saint, the Palazzasso and the count of the Lord there is an extensive correspondence.

Our philosophy

Our aim is to welcome you and give you the opportunity to experience a part of history.
Take a step back in time and immerse yourself in 500 years of the history of the house, with objects and ambience reflecting the past and full of memories.
You will have the chance to live to a rhythm set by sundials, truly relax and enjoy silent nights in front of log fires and skies full of stars.
Take a walk through the park, in the shade of trees that have stood here for centuries, discover tranquil spots, perfect for moments of contemplation, where the only “noise” is the marvellous sound of nature.

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