La tenuta il Palazzasso, bed and breakfast di charme

About us

Our family has had a strong and special bond with Palazzasso since 1500, enduring centuries of history.

I am Francesca and, after marrying Andrea about 25 years ago, I decided to move here from Torino. We are both deeply devoted to this house, the surrounding area and the local traditions that we believe in. We want to raise our children here, in touch with their family roots and to keep the historical identity of the estate alive and active. Life here reaches its peak in the summer, when the whole family is in residence. When things shut down in the winter months, there is a risk that the building and its contents, that have been carefully looked after over the centuries will slowly deteriorate. That’s where the idea came from to transform a wing of the house into a small, charming bed and breakfast, where we can welcome guests for relaxing escapes in a really unique environment.

Our philosophy

Our aim is to welcome you and give you the opportunity to experience a part of history. Take a step back in time and immerse yourself in 500 years of the history of the house, with objects and ambience reflecting the past and full of memories. You will have the chance to live to a rhythm set by sundials, truly relax and enjoy silent nights in front of log fires and skies full of stars. Take a walk through the park, in the shade of trees that have stood here for centuries, discover tranquil spots, perfect for moments of contemplation, where the only “noise” is the marvellous sound of nature.


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We would like that. Let you enter the time and history of the Palazzasso, creating a link between you, the house and all that characterizes it, forgetting for a moment the frenzy of today.

Our history

Historical documents show that the roots of the Galleani family date back to the beginning of 1200.
Our ancestors were valiant soldiers and seamen who originated from Nice and distinguished themselves in various sectors over the centuries. In 1492, Raffaele Galleani was the ambassador to the Duchess of Savoia, while his brother Giovanni, according to the Corsaro, was the owner of the Galleana, one of the largest armoured merchant ships in the Mediterranean.


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In these years Giuliano, Giovanni’s eldest son, moved to Piedmont. Thus was born the link between the family of the Galleani and the Tenimento of the Palazzasso. The palace was built at the end of the 400; Born as a summer residence with attached agricultural estate, it was brought in dowry by Angela Aliney of the Counts of Elva to Giuliano II of the 1510 and since then it is passed down from generation to generation in our family. Enlarged at the beginning of ‘ 700 with the characteristic brick façade, designed by the architect of Casa Savoia Amedeo di Castellamonte, it was over time enriched with remarkable interior decorations and with the creation of a splendid park with English. The palace has hosted, over the centuries, illustrious ancestors: Among the most representative count Giuseppe Maria II, Viceroy of Sardinia, awarded the highest honor to the Italian merit, the collar of the Annunziata. He purchased the nearby red spinning machine in 1813, one of the largest and oldest scarf in Europe; The convent of the Capuchins of Caraglio, a unique structure of its kind, completes the family’s property. Important to mention also San Giovanni Bosco who stayed here during long summer periods, in the room reserved to him and even today dedicated to him. He was the spiritual father of Count Pio who, thanks to this link, became one of the most important benefactors of the Salesian works. In witness to the close relationship between the saint, the Palazzasso and the count of the Lord there is an extensive correspondence.

Suites and breakfast

The Coat of Arms Suite

This beautiful apartment has a large double bedroom with a fireplace, overlooking the park. The decorative antique bed is decorated with the family crest and the walls are adorned with splendid frescoes. All the furnishings and ornaments are original.
It has a private study, with a reading corner which has views over the mountains. The private bathroom has a large shower and a wonderful view over the Occitan Valleys.  The suite also has a bright, private living room, which has frescoed walls and ceilings and a view over the gardens.  Embroidered sheets, decorative covers and towels with hand stitched detailing add the finishing touches.

1 night (check in time is any time after 3:00pm and check out time is by 12:00am of next day)
€ 220
Contact us for two or more nights and for the exclusive estate

The Ladies Suite

This apartment has a large double bedroom overlooking the garden, a splendid frescoed ceiling and a fireplace with friezes. It has a private study with a desk, book shelves and a relaxation area furnished with a sofa and armchairs, a beautiful window over-looking the park is framed by antique lace curtains. The suite has two private bathrooms, one with a shower and one with a bath tub.

1 night (check in time is any time after 3:00pm and check out time is by 12:00am of next day)
€ 200
Contact us for two or more nights and for the exclusive estate

The Palazzasso estate

The estate lies on the border between the plains and the valleys of Piedmont, like a balcony overlooking the magnificent Grana and Maira Valleys.

The house

The sixteenth century mansion has been the property of the Count Galleani Agliano family for over 500 years, handed down from generation to generation. The characteristic brick facade is built around arches.

The Park

The historic park surrounding the house has an impressive collection of rare and ancient plants, including: sycamore, horse-chestnut, yew and a unique hornbeam tunnel. Greenhouses, ancient frescoed outhouses and monuments dot the lawns and hills, providing an array of charming views.

The agricultural estate

The agricultural estate, which is still at the heart of our company, used to be a small, autonomous village, inhabited by workers, artisans and their families. There was a school, a bakery, a blacksmith and a carpenter, everything that enabled the small community to be self-sufficient.

The San Maurizio chapel

Since ‘700, the left tower of the building has housed the chapel of Saints Maurizio and Lazzaro. Count Guiseppe d’Agliano’s will shows that a full-service chaplain, resided there in an apartment and celebrated Sunday and daily mass.


Breakfast is served in the music room which has a traditional log fire, guests can enjoy a range of local and organic produce from our valleys, with a particular focus on sweet dishes that are typical of the area. Yoghurt, fruit and juices are also km zero. Savoury breakfasts with local produce are also available, on request.
Afternoon tea is served, using the antique tea service of the house. The pastries, juices and fruit all come from our valleys.


The estate is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet in the park, to sit in front of the house and watch incredible sunsets over the magnificent Apls, but the region has a lot to offer and we would be happy to suggest and organise excursions. Cultural excursions (the surrounding area has many interesting museums, castles, sanctuaries and small architectural wonders), or sporting activities (trekking, biking, mountain bikes, e-bikes and skiing), either alone or with a private guide.
You can also enjoy gastronomic treats in local trattorias or restaurants, surrounded by beauty. Wedding ideas.

Trekking and bikes

You can explore the region by bike or on foot, there are many routes with different levels of difficulty.
We are happy to provide you with maps and advise you on routes through the plains, hills or mountains, where you can immerse yourself in nature and enjoy the unblemished landscapes.  We can also organise personalised trips with private guides. Courtesy mountain bikes are available for your use and it is possible to rent e-bikes.

Cultural trips

Our region has so much to offer in the way of cultural excursions. Wander through splendid towns like Saluzzo, Mondovì, Cuneo and Dronero and discover monuments, churches, museums and stunning views. Castles, including splendid examples in Roccolo and Manta; Sanctuaries, like Vicoforte which has the largest elliptical dome in Europe, or Sant’Anna di Vinadio, or the stunning Castelmagno sanctuary, from where you can admire the breath-taking views of our magnificent Alps. Museums, including the Filatoio di Caraglio, a unique silk museum built by the Galleani family, or the beautiful ceramic museum at Mondovi, we can also point you in the direction of many niche ones like the Wig museum in Evla.

Downhill Skiing and Alpinism

We are just a few kilometres away from many ski resorts, including Limone Piemonte, Mondolè Ski, Lurisia and Crissolo, a small gem at the foot of Monviso. Our valleys also offer many opportunities for spectacular Alpinism excursions, either with guides and Sherpa bus or alone. Many routes are directly accessible from the valley, depending on the snow conditions on the day.
Last but not least, there are splendid cross-country skiing routes through magnificent landscapes in the different valleys.

Gastronomic trips

Many products are produced in our valleys using traditional methods that date back centuries, so many that it would be impossible to list them all. To name a few, there are anchovies from the Maira valley, saffron from the Grana valley, garlic from Caraglio and many, many Alpine cheeses, including Castelmagno “the king of cheese”. All these products enrich our local cuisine and make it unique.

Horse riding

A few years ago, a riding school was set up in the ancient stables and one of the farmhouses on the estate, providing an opportunity to get close to the splendid world of horses and riding.


It is possible to have exclusive access to the house for weddings. A perfect setting for the bride to get ready, photo service after the ceremony, Coat of Arms and Ladies suite available with a delicious breakfast the following day and late check out at 14.00.
… along with many other possibilities for organising small events, on request.

Places to visit

The Occitan Valleys

Five spectacular valleys offer infinite opportunities for excursions, with breath-taking views of nature, charming villages and many sporting activities, and also cultural and gastronomic delights whatever the season.

Cuneo, Mondovì, Saluzzo, Alba and Fossano

Towns with rich histories, all different to one another, each with a strong personality, museums, palaces, pedestrian streets and beautiful historic centres to wander round and explore.


rwyoktober (Germania): An diesem Palast ist einfach alles großartig

Cleaning: 10    Comfort: 10    Position: 10    Services: 10    Staff: 10    Quality/price: 10

«Es handelt sich um den Sommerpalast (!) einer alteingesessenen Turiner Familie, die soeben damit begonnen hat, die Gästezimmer des Erdgeschosses zu vermieten. Dabei sehen die Zimmer noch so aus, als wären ihre ursprünglichen Bewohner nur kurz abwesend: überall stehen Bücher, Fotografien und Dekorationsobjekte. Wände und Decken sind kunstvoll bemalt und wirklich jedes Objekt in den Räumen ist eine Antiquität. Zudem verfügt der Palast über einen wundervollen Garten, der kühlen Schatten spendet. Von der Frontseite des Hauses aus, bietet sich ein Blick auf ein überaus eindrucksvolles Alpenpanorama. Das Beste an dem Haus sind aber ihre Gastgeber, Francesca und Andrea. Auf unseren vielen Reisen und unzähligen Aufenthalten in Pensionen und B&Bs überall auf der Welt, haben wir eine solch überwältigende Gastfreundschaft wie hier noch nicht erlebt. Wir hatten das Gefühl, das dieser Ort für einige Tage unsere Heimat war, statt “nur” Gast zu sein. Absolut fantastisch. Francesca und Andrea sind übrigens die Nachfahren der Erbauer des Palastes aus dem 16. Jahrhundert. Ach ja, und dann wären da ja noch Aperitif und vor allem das Frühstück: Ersterer wird im Garten serviert (Käse, Salami, Brot und Wein) – übrigens im Zimmerpreis inklusive – letzteres wird in einem eindrucksvollen Speisesaal angerichtet und bietet neben den sowieso hervorragenden italienischen Standards noch reichlich Gebäck und leckeren Kuchen, alles Spezialitäten der Region oder/und von den Gastgebern selbst gebacken. Unser Rat: Wer die Chance hat, einige Tage in dieser schönen Region (Maira-Tal, Grana-Tal, Cuneo) zu verbringen, sollte unbedingt hier Quartier beziehen.

madda64 (Italia): Indescrivibile!

Cleaning: 10    Comfort: 10    Position: 10    Services: 10    Staff: 10    Quality/price: 10

Non ci sono parole sufficienti per dare giustizia a questo posto meraviglioso. Ho viaggiato parecchio in strutture simili ma mai – e sottolineo mai – ho soggiornato in una dimora così. La costruzione risale al 1400, poi ampliata nel 1600: il fascino della storia si protrae negli arredi originali e negli oggetti d’epoca sapientemente disposti qua e là dalla squisita padrona di casa. Il confort e il calore fanno sentire immediatamente a casa e educano anche l’animo più ruvido alla bellezza delle cose dimenticate. Cortesia, affabilità e discrezione caratterizzano i gentilissimi padroni di casa, sempre pronti a dispensare preziosi consigli e suggerimenti. Prima colazione sontuosa e regale, apparecchiata con cura e ricchezza di particolari. Ampia scelta. Assolutamente consigliato.

Ivan D (Italia): A casa dei conti

Cleaning: 10    Comfort: 10    Position: 10    Services: 10    Staff: 10    Quality/price: 10

E’ la residenza dei conti Galleani d’Agliano. Immersa nella campagna di Caraglio, vicino Cuneo. Ambienti unici ricchi di storia dove il tempo si è fermato. Cortesia della famiglia

Mizzi F (Florida, USA): Dreaming of staying in a historical palace?

This is a very special B&B: it is the historical residence of a noble family that you can now experience thanks to its owners, who gracefully decided to transform two rooms of their property in b&b . You feel at home even if you are in 600 years old palace, because the rooms are beautifully furnished and decorated, and at the same time lived-in, full of objects belonging to the owners family . Owners are nice and caring, making you at ease and spoiling you with any kind of treats. Property garden is disseminated with majestic secular tree. Don’t miss it!

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